Performances 2018-19 Season

Dance is a performing art...
not a competition, ​

​that's what we believe. All the work, all the training comes together on stage where we share it all with you. What can be more delightful for a dancer than putting on a costume, stage make up and all the embellishments that make for a performance. It is on stage that we express our emotions through our movement. Our body is the instrument through which we, as artists, share. 

       Belle Ballet offers performing oportunities for every dancer who wishes to participate at each level of development. From our "Twinkle Toes" Tea to our own "Belle Ballet presents" opportunities and collaborations with professional companies. We dance!

     Fall and Winter Season 2018-19
​​Perform with the Moscow Ballet! This year, Belle Ballet will hosted the Moscow Ballet and dancers had the sublime opportunity to dance in Mocow Ballet's Great Russian Nutcracker on the Orpheum stage on December 1, a day they will long remember. 
The Nutcracker/Clara's Dream. With the start of the fall season dancers Youth I through adults are invited to audition for Belle Ballet's "Clara's Dream, a Nutcracker story" This fresh take on a classic tale is quickly becoming a community favorite.

Spring Tea. Our "Twinkle Toes"/preschool ballerinas perform for family and friends and then enjoy photos at this fun event designed to feature our littlest ballet dancers.

Spring 2019

Spring Gala/recital. Each spring Belle Ballet presents a Spring Gala/recital and welcomes all students who wish to participate. ​This year's production will be "Les Artists!"