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March  23

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2:30-3:15 Youth Percussive Dance

Build a sense of well-being and connection through the arts and creative play! Children will explore traditional dance and music through stories and games, develop fine and gross motor skills, balance and coordination. Stories, songs, and music will guide young dancers and foster  their sense of creativity, rhythm, and coordination. Ages 5-7.  $15

3:30-4:00 Creative Percussive Dance

Tap dance, Irish dance, and clogging. Build a sense of body awareness and learn new techniques skills and dances. Develop 

flexibility and strength and explore the connection between dance and music. Learn about music and rhythm theory and explore rhythmical movement phrases. Students will improvise and create based on techniques learned in class as they explore thecreative process and foster their own individual creativity. Work with peers and build confidence. Ages 8 thru adult.  $20

Danielle Enblom

dancer       researcher        educator

Minneapolis-born dancer, musician, dance historian, and educator, Danielle Enblom is known for her work as a researcher and ethnochoreologist; her performance work that explores and integrates concepts of dance tradition and innovation; and her work in education. A trained Waldorf teacher and seasoned educator, she has worked extensively with adults and children with an intent focus on the art of learning and integrating the study and implementation of intellectual, practical, and creative processes. Ultimately she is driven by the joy of dance, of learning, and sharing with others! 
     First and foremost an Irish step dancer and Sean-nós dancer, Danielle grew up dancing competitively in Irish dance and studying ballet and modern dance. She is influenced by her studies with dancers from many practices and paradigms, most notably Peggy McTeggart in Country Cork a direct component of the nineteenth century Cork dancing masters, and

sean-nós, Cormac O'Shea of Dublin and      the original Riverdance cast, and Kieran Jordan of Boston, MA. Danielle holds a Diploma in Traditional Irish Music from University County Cork and a MA in Ethnochoreology from the Tralee Institute of Technology.​​​  www.danielleenblom.com

To register call or text 651-343-8750 or email cheribelleballet@gmail.com