"Twinkle Toes"/Preschool
Ages 3-4 as of September 1. This age appropriate class contains elements of creative dance, preballet and tumbling. 45 minutes in length. Royal Belle leotard, pink tights, pink leather ballet slippers, hair pulled back. 12 week term.
Youth Level Classes
Youth 1
Ages 5-7. Basic ballet technique, barre and center, along with a sprinkle of tumbling for flexiblility. Beginners are welcome.

​Youth II
Ages 6-9.  This class is appropriate for the older beginner or the dancer with a measure of experience. 

​Youth III
Ages 8-12. Intermediate. 2-4 years prior training. Youth II prerequisite or by approval.

Youth dancers required dancewear consists of royal Belle leotard, pink tights, pink leather ballet slippers, hair pulled back. Ballet skirts are optional but should match leotard. 

Intermediate Level Classes

Intermediate I
Ages 9 and up.  Youth III prerequisite or by approval. Emphasis on pointe preparation. Two classes a week required.

​Intermediate II
Ages 10- up.  Intermediate I prerequisite or by approval. Beginning pointe technique. Two classes a week required.  


​Intermediate III
Ages 11-up. Intermediate II prerequisite or by approval. Emphasis on performance and strengthening pointe technique. Three classes weekly required.

Ages 12-up.  Pre-professional Class. Three classes a week required for registered students. 

Intermediate attire is royal blue Belle leotard, pink tights, pink split sole leather ballet slippers, hair in a bun. Skirts are optional but must match leotards. Warm up as needed.

​Adult  Classes/ 10 class card

Adult Open
Presumes you are an experienced dancer. Black leotards, pink tights and pink ballet slippers, please. 

​Ballet 101
Vaganova technique from the ground floor up. Black leotards or tunic over pink tights, pink ballet slippers. Leggings over are allowed. 

​Wabi Sabi Women Do Ballet
Class emphasis is on stretching and strengthening with a ballet base for the mature adult. Easy does it. Leotards not required. 


           Ballet Classes